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What can I expect in my loan application process? 

Expect a conventional loan application process with help available from our staff and partners at BCL

Why small businesses?

We believe the ministry of the church extends beyond Sunday to all seven days of the week. One of the reasons we started this program for small businesses owners was because these individuals are uniquely positioned to create impactful ripple effects in their communities for the Kingdom of God. Historically, business owners have been viewed as “financial donors for the Gospel,” but not necessarily as on-mission “ministers of the Gospel.” On any given week, a business owner is typically meeting with customers, employees, community members, etc. They’re going beyond a traditional 40-hour work week to create something that extends beyond themselves, and their day-to-day rhythms naturally lend themselves to ministering and caring for others. What better way than to equip, empower, & train these individuals than to show that God cares about their work, and that He is actively involved in growing their businesses! If there were an individual in our congregation who poured countless hours into relationships each week and had the ability to influence and speak into other’s lives, while sharing the good news of Christ, and showing how that good news impacts their communities directly, what types of resources would we, as the Church, give them to help them in their ministry? That is how we view our business owners. That is why Kingdom Capital Network exists.

What are the requirements of small businesses to be accepted into the program?

We work with small business owners who... - Are members of a local church - Own a local business - Have been in business for 2+ years - Have an annual revenue under $1 million. If that sounds like you, fill out our interest form!

How are loan terms determined? 

Conventional underwriting is where we start, not as the last word. Other variables like serving those without access to capital through the Church and depth of engagement in the business owners' respective faith community are factored in by our loan committee. Qualified applicants can expect the most charitable lending terms.

Do you lend to non-profits? 

Lending to non-profit organizations is currently outside the scope of our program. 

What should I expect as part of the cohort of small business owners & business coaching?

We provide curriculum in a 9-month class format with monthly meetings focused on redemptive work & collaboration with other entrepreneurs. The business coaching/mentoring is a 1-on-1 format and the schedule is worked out between the business owner and mentor.

What are the loan terms?

Loan amounts and terms are decided during the loan application process. We do our best to provide capital at a reasonable rate while also stewarding resources with wisdom.

Do you loan to startups?

Right now, our program is not set-up to serve true start-ups from ideation to incubation. If you're looking for help starting up your business, you can reach out to one of our community partners, EGBI for business coaching free of charge.

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