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My Story

Karla serves as Community Engagement Ambassador of Kingdom Capital Network.  She graduated from North Texas Collegiate Institute with a Doctorate in Theology and a Doctorate in Philosophy (of theology). Karla was born in Eagle Pass, Texas, but at the age of 1 her parents brought her to Austin, Texas and is now proud to say she is a Mexican-American Austinite! Karla is passionate about evangelism, with a personal calling of Evangelist at age 15 - going on 30 years of ministry in the Austin area where she has managed to organize Spanish evangelistic events that have brought thousands together, as well as been a key player in the execution and development of organizations such as the Austin Latin Ministerial Alliance, serving on their board of directors for 12 consecutive years.

Not only is Karla an Evangelist, spreading the word to the nations, she is also a Spanish Christian Singer with singles that have made their way well into Latin America with thousands of views on Youtube! Karla is also praise and worship leader at her local church, and chaplain in the Austin area. Karla is proud to say she is in love with her first ministry, and that is her family! She is wife to Moises, mother to Isabella and Moisesito, and when not working together in a God sent project they love to travel and make memories as a family! Karla is excited to be part of the KCN team serving as liaison between Kingdom Capital Network and the Hispanic Community in Central Texas!

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