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My Story

Katie serves as the Program Manager for Kingdom Capital Network. She grew up in Houston, and has loved getting to call Austin home since earning her B.A. in English with teacher certification from Texas State. Katie also earned her M.A. in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary and is passionate about engaging in the work to partner with the historically overlooked, and empower every believer to make a kingdom impact in whatever communities they're rooted.

Projects she's been a part of recently have included building out a joint youth ministry between two churches in the Eastside of Austin, writing a contextualized Bible study through John for teenagers, and serving in various leadership roles org-wide in the Asian American Christian Collaborative. She also particularly enjoys continuing to learn about and teach on the intersection between Christianity, classical philosophy, and embodied justice. You can typically find Katie consuming books like they’re chips, bouldering on indoor rocks, or enjoying a good cup of coffee & conversation!

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